Collection: Awaken Therapeutic

Thinning Hair, Alopecia, Postpartum, Stress, Seasonal Rapid Loss, Dandruff, Psoriasis, Itchy Scalp, Oily Scalp. Awaken Therapeutic products are a clear and simple solution to revive your scalp & hair.

15 products
  • Awaken therapeutic conditioner litre
  • Awaken mist leave-in conditioner
  • Awaken therapeutic shampoo litre
  • Awaken thickening spray
  • Awaken Blowdry Foam
  • Awaken box set
  • Awaken conditioner
  • Awaken Texture Spray
  • Awaken Texture Spray Mini
  • Awaken Scalp Detox
  • Awaken therapeutic conditioner mini
  • Awaken therapeutic masque
  • Awaken scalp elixir
  • Awaken therapeutic treatment 177ml
  • Awaken protein mousse